Arck Sensor formed – May 2006

Press release in WORLDCARGO NEWS – May 2006

Arck Sensor is a new company formed recently by France-based Arck Electronique, part of Groupe Arck Ingénierie (GAI), in conjunction with Marc Brouant, who previously ran the sensor division within Arck Electronique. Arck Sensor will be able to focus on design and engineering, development and marketing of own-brand products dedicated for use on cranes in ports, steel mills and other specialised heavy crane sectors, taking advantage of the sales network that was previously set up by Arck Electronique. There is, for example, a good presence in Korea, China and Japan. Arck infra-red sensor products are already widely used by OEMs to provide feedback control in closed loop electronic anti-sway systems for container cranes, for angle and distance measurements, spreader skew, etc. By splitting off Arck Sensors in this way, dedicated to heavy crane applications, GAI is aiming to increase overall sales.