New Arck Sensors – July 2004

Press release in WORLDCARGO NEWS – July 2004

France-based Arck Electronique is set to introduce a new sway/skew sensor for RTGs, RMGs, OET cranes and other “low height” bridge cranes up to 20m hoisting height. In addition, it is introducing a new spreader positioning sensor. The Sirrah LS08 sensor for yard cranes operates with infrared beacons on the X and Y axes and can be incorporated in a closed loop anti-sway system with feedback control. Skew movement can be regulated through the fitting of additional sensors and beacons. The new SP16 container detection sensor, fitted under the crane spreader, is an optical system based on six infra-red detectors, which measure the position of the edge of the container in relation to its optical centre. The optical view angle is ± 8 deg, which allows a “square” optical detection area of ± 250mm on each side, at a distance of up to 1600mm. This allows for a 100mm gap between two stacks of containers, says Arck. To provide a complete solution, adds the company, six sensors are required – two on the waterside and on the landside and one at each gable end. An RS422 serial interface is provided to communicate with the crane’s PLC.